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The Silent Shout by Dr. E.T. Stoddart
The Silent Shout by Dr. E.T. Stoddart

Can it be done? Can one shout silently? The title of this book reflects the contrast in worship styles so prevalent in the Christian community today.  There are those who believe worship should be a silent, almost non-responsive experience.  On the other hand many believe that public worship should be expressive, vibrant, joyful and even loud at times.  What does the Bible say about the matter?  This study will explore the calls for silence and the calls for external expression in the scriptures.  The Bible says there is a time and a place for everything.  We hope to challenge you to redefine your worship responses, so as to bring them from the dark basement of cultural preferences, into the living room of God's divine light.  Your eyes will be opened and you will be freed to worship God in both spirit and truth. 
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