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Schedule of facilitators and segments

Noon Lady from Brooklyn - Lady will stay on until a Miracle host signs on... - Families/Children/Youth
1 pm Pastor Wilbur Young - Leadership
2 pm Mother Dee/Mother June - Finances
3 pm Pastor and Tracy Dehm - Marriages/Singles/Suddenly Single
4 pm Della Street/Sister Kilby (Monday-Wednesday) - Unity/Fellowship
5 pm Reggie Hatcher - Bondage/Addiction
6 pm Elders of Miracle Temple - Spiritual Growth/Praise & Worship
7 pm Denise Addy/Jocelyn Brown - Purpose in Life
8 pm Pastor Bryan/Theresa Ridley/Dexter Ravenell -The Power to Rebuke Satan
9 pm Tabitha Hill will host Mon, Tues, Thur & Sun/Renita Hoard/Suzanne McPhaull will host Wed, Fri. and Sat. - Healing/Health
10 pm Veronica Williams & Eunice"Ginger" Peterson - Prisoners
11 pm Associate pastor Moses Eli/Cara Fuller - Salvation
12 midnight  Nicole Green/sister Zora - Families/Children/Youth
1 am Elder James Allen - Leadership
2 am Brittany Moore - Finances
3 am Tekla Wold - Marriages/Singles/Suddenly Single
4 am Tasha Rice - Unity/Fellowship
5 am Elder Ron Timpson/Elder Dexter Ravenell - Bondage/Addiction
6 am Elders of Miracle Temple - Spiritual Growth/Praise & Worship
7 am Senior pastor Errol Stoddart - Purpose in Life
8 am Brother Davis - The Power to Rebuke Satan
9 am Michelle Ellison - Healing/Health
10 am Tom Freeman (Friday-Sunday), mother Langley will do Monday-Thursday - Prisoners
11 am Bryan Leonard - Salvation

Dexter Ravenell
2012-01-04 4:39 PM

Wow! A 24-hr prayer line blog. Now we can share the many answers to prayer online.
Oh yea, please join me in praying that charges against Joshua be dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor... I WILL return to this blog to report what the Lord has done. Be blessed!

2012-11-23 11:43 PM

Please pray with me in making a big choice in my life.  I need an answer from GOD immediately.  Blessing for my daughter. Clear mind to hear God's answer.

V D'Amico
2013-02-26 5:22 PM

Please pray my husband drops the divorce and comes home to his wife and child and to stop with all of the conniving games

2013-05-11 10:37 AM

Please pray for a healthy full term pregnancy and safe delivery of my twins. Also that their growth rate will be at the expected levels and they will be healthy in my womb.

2013-07-11 7:04 AM

Please intercede to God on my behalf, I am going through a lot and it can seem so unbearable and overall the devil trying to steal my joy in every aspect of my life.


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