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Dorothy Seay, MD, CMD
Physician (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Rhonda Henry
Dr. Eugene Grovesnor (Anesthesiologist)
Dr. Rhonda Hull
Social Workers
Hubert King
Social Worker (children/adolescents/mental health)
Carol Nanton
Michael Abraham, PhD
Michael Reed, PhD
Denise Josiah

 Dr. Eunice (Ginger) Peterson (Pediatric Psychiatrist)

Massage Therapist
 Elder Hatcher
 Elder Timpson
Sis. Donetta Hatcher (RN)
Sherlita Broomfield Myrie (RN)
Vernita Broomfield Peters (RN)
Verna Broomfield (RN, Retired)
Dorothy Scott  (RN)
Cheryl Abraham (RN)
Upcoming Events
Coates Small Group/Rm. 20 - Oct 20, Mon 7:00 PM - Small Group titled "I Wouldn't Take...
Community Dance Technique Class/FH - Oct 21, Tue 7:00 PM
Prayer Meeting - Oct 22, Wed 7:30 PM - Join us for a night of upliftment and communion...
Schedule for Presentations
7         Dr. Diana Broomfield    
(Diet and Cancer Prevention)

14       Dr. Diana Broomfield
(7 ways to Prevent Diabetes)
Healthy Nuggets Calendar

16     Denise Josiah
23     Elder Hatcher
(Relaxation Therapy for Relieving Tension)

30    Dr Eugene Grosvner
4       Dr. Melissa Houston 
11       Dr. Rhonda Hull
(Importance of Vision Protection)

18       Dr. Eunice (Ginger) Peterson

25       Sis. Donetta Hatcher
(Importance of Drinking Water)
3       Dr. Dorothy Rose
(Importance of Hand Washing in preventing childhood illnesses)

10      Sis. Dorothy Scott  
(Community Health)

17       Elder Timpson  
(Importance of maintaining good Vascular Health)

24       Sis. Carol Nanton
(Importance of Sunlight to Mental Health)

Dr Dorothy Rose
(Decreasing risks of developing Alzhimer)
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100 S. Rock Glen Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21229 [Map It]
Telephone:+1 410-368-9294
Toll Free: 888-U-4-MIRACLE
FAX:+1 410-368-9296
E-mail: Office | Webteam
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