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ESHA Scholarship Fund

Ethelind Sewell Higher Achievement (ESHA) Scholarship Fund

Founded in 2010 by the Scholarship Committee of the Miracle Temple Sanctuary Choir, The Ethelind Sewell Higher Achievement (ESHA) Scholarship Fund was named for Ethelind Sewell, a notable and distinguished educator. As a lifelong teacher, Mrs. Sewell positively influenced many young people to achieve their dreams. During her career and even into her retirement, she continues to encourage youth to hold the precepts of God in high esteem and recognize the power of high achievement. Leading by example, Ethelind Sewell achieved her aspirations by earning two masters degrees in the field of education.
Since its inception in October 2010, The Ethelind Sewell Higher Achievement (ESHA) Scholarship Fund has awarded 2 scholarships to students who represent the spirit of commitment and dedication to high academic achievement. The ESHA Scholarship Fund will continue to positively impact the education and higher achievement efforts of SDA youth ages 18 – 24 who are pursuing an undergraduate education at an accredited institute of higher learning. The ESHA Scholarship Fund aims to award at least two scholarships per academic year.