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Welcome to the Miracle Temple Elders Page


The elders must fulfill a wide range of responsibilities and address a variety of issues which grow in complexity as a church grows in size. As the Elders of Miracle Temple it is our Goal to be wholly submitted to the will of the Lord as we carry out the tasks our church and God have appointed us to do (2 Cor 8:20-21).

Elder-1st  Jerry Ray Howard II
Elder William Brown
Elder Carlton Henry
Elder Donnell Josiah
Elder Charlene King
Elder Dexter Ravenell
Elder Duawne Starling
Elder Eldridge McPhaull
Elder Theresa Ridley
Elder Regg Hatcher
Elder Michael Jones
Elder Herb Duberry
Elder Thomas Freeman
Elder Tabitha Hill
Elder Gary Jones
Youth Elders
Youth Elder Saundra Murray
Youth Elder Nashaun Granderson

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