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Mission & Purpose: The purpose of the Hands in Jesus Ministry is to assist the Deaf & Hard of Hearing in understanding and enjoying God's message & to be an outreach to Deaf people in the community.

The HIJ Ministry provides interpretation of services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. This ministry makes it possible for the barrier between the hearing world and the Deaf to be bridged.
Did You Know?:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) is the preferred language of the Deaf community
  • ASL is the fourth most used language in the United States
  • ASL shares no grammatical similarities to English
  • Facial expressions play a large part in communicating in ASL
  • ASL is not a universal language
  • The best way to learn ASL is from a class taught by a Deaf person!

Email ahead to ensure interpreted services.  Interpreted services are available during Divine Service beginning at 11:30 a.m.

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Want more information about the Hands in Jesus Ministry? 
Contact Gael Murray or Chandea Rowley