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The office of deacon is described in the New Testament (1 Tim. 3:8-13) and the word "deacon" is variously interpreted as "servant, minister, writer, attendant." Miracle Temple has a sufficient number of deacons to form a deacons' board. The head deacon serves as the chairman of the deacons' board with meetings being held the 3rd Sunday of each month (see calendar events). The board affords a well-ordered means of distributing deacons' responsibilities and coordinates deacons' contributions to the well-being of the church. It also provides a training ground where younger men, rightly recruited as deacons, may be instructed in their duties. The duties of deacons involve a wide range of practical services for the church including:

  • Assistance at Services and Meetings 
  • Visitation of Members
  • Preparation for Baptismal Services
  • Assistance at the Communion Service
  • The Care of the Sick and the Poor
  • Care and Maintenance of Church Property

Deacons' Responsibilities

  • Four deacons are scheduled to be on duty during any particular Sabbath
  • One decon is designated each week as the Deacon-in-Charge
  • He is to open up the church for services, meetings and special occasions and close up the church once they have concluded
  • He also provides a security presence at Wednesday night prayer service. The weekly term of service for the Deacon-in-Charge begins on Sabbath morning at the early morning worship service and ends on Friday evening, typically after the Vespers service.
  • Every deacon is assigned one or more church members on the sick and shut-in list for visitation and must contact the individual at least once a month and render a report to the Head Deacon.
Deacon- Head Jeff Swann
Deacon- Asst. Ronald Boone
Deacon- Asst. Garry King
Deacon- Asst. David Brown
Deacon Reggie Johnson
Deacon Barry Johnson
Deacon Sheldon Hull
Deacon James Price
Deacon Kevin Jones
Deacon  Joseph Jacquet
Deacon  Rupert Richardson
Deacon Corey Powell
Deacon Chris Walker
Deacon  Garfield Josephs
Deacon  Kevin Phillips
Deacons In Training
Deacon (To be ordained) Allan Garner
Deacon In Training Craig Perkins
Deacon In Training Michael Johnson
Deacon In Training Curtis Thomas
Deacon In Training Darryl Hubbard
Deacon In Training David Turnball
Deacon In Training Donovan Johnson
Deacon In Training Travis Bonner
Youth Deacons
Youth Deacons Courtney Fauldin
Youth Deacons Darien Savoy
Youth Deacons Isaiah Price