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Would you like to start a new ministry?
Do you feel the desire to start a new ministry at Miracle Temple Church? We would love to help you build a ministry action plan for your new ministry by completing the following steps:

Step #1…Qualification: Any new idea must meet the following qualifications to starting a new ministry:
The ministry idea must be biblically sound
The ministry idea must enhance the reputation of Miracle Temple Church
The ministry idea will not raise funds
The ministry idea fulfills one or more of our purposes and mission
The ministry idea must be transferable to other churches

Step #2…Information: If you said “yes” to all of the above qualifications please address the following questions in the form included at the bottom of this page:
What is the purpose of the ministry?
Who is the target for your ministry?
What needs will your ministry meet?
How will you meet these needs?

Step #3…Assimilation: Once we receive your email we will contact you to meet and discuss your ministry idea. Once the idea is approved by the pastoral staff you will work with a representative of the ministry team to build your ministry action plan so your ministry can be assimilated into the church body.

Helpful Information:

Pray! Pray! And Pray! Please spend time in prayer over this possible ministry idea. If the Lord is behind it…He will make it happen in His time.
This process takes approximately 15-30 days to complete
If you are married, we will want to make sure your family is behind you as you take on this new opportunity.

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