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A Brief History from 1968 until...today

From its inception in 1968, Miracle Temple has always been in the mode of "ministry expansion." From the moment Elder Charlie Jenkins, the founding Pastor of Miracle Temple, cast the vision and began leading a small group of believers to spend hours canvassing the local neighborhoods, Miracle has been on the move.

As the church grew, new members were trained in sharing their faith in a simple Christ-like manner. As the church demonstrated its commitment to evangelism, God responded by drawing people drawing people to Jesus and the church.

As our congregation continues to embrace Jesus' command to reach the lost, we have no choice but to continue our ministry expansion efforts. Pastor Russell has challenged the church repeatedly to "make disciples."

Little did the small group of people know at that inaugural service what was to become of Miracle Temple, realize that God would take approximately ten charter members and multiply them into one of the fastest growing Adventist churches in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Things were beginning to happen quite quickly at this time. In five short years the church had grown rapidly. During this year, the mission group was officially endorsed as a "company" by Elder Edward Dorsey, then the President of the Allegheny East Conference, and Elder Glen Roberts, pastor of the Sharon church. At this point, the newly endorsed company needed a name. With all the miraculous acts that God had performed in growing this committed group of believers, the name chosen was highly appropriate, Miracle Temple.

The congregation wanted to have their own church building after years of renting space from other businesses and churches. On June 8, of this year, the church moved to 100 South Fulton Avenue.

A near tragedy occurred during this year. On a Sunday morning when the church was empty, the roof of the sanctuary collapsed. The Baltimore Sun which carried a picture of the near tragedy in the newspaper and indicated that if the congregation had worshipped Sunday instead of Saturday, people would have certainly been killed. The miracles at Miracle Temple continued in the protection of God's people.

The mortgage on the building was paid off and officially burned on Sabbath, December 12th, under the leadership of Pastor Richard Reeves in a grand celebration of what God can do when his people trust him.

Pastor Errol Stoddart led the congregation in several major projects to improve the present building: A baptismal pool was installed in the sanctuary after years of baptizing in a portable pool in the fellowship hall. After years of sitting in a sweltering church during the summer months, the church was air-conditioned. The attendance at Miracle Temple began to explode during this year. From all over the region people flocked to worship at Miracle. The reputation of Miracle being a spirit-filled congregation spread far and wide.

Pastor Randolph Stafford led the Baltimore area churches into a city-wide crusade. Two hundred precious souls were baptized with new believers choosing membership in all Adventist churches in the area.

1997 to 2000
The church began a congregation wide conversation of the possibility of purchasing property to build a new church for the glory of God. Under the leadership of Pastor Russell we were able to raise enough money to accomplish this goal.

We purchased an eight and a half acre campus in moving to develop a new worship center and ministry complex to Rock Glen Road in Baltimore, Maryland. We celebrated in October of this year with a "Crossing Over Jordan" Sabbath.

Pastor Russell laid out the vision for our church on the first Sabbath in January and declared, "Miracle Temple is a church of destiny." In the fall of this year we welcomed our first Associate Pastor, Alex Royes. "We purchased 10 acres of land by faith in Baltimore. We also renovated the church property and prepared for the sale of our Fulton Street location

We started the plans to move in our "New Home" in 2003 and choose a contractor, Total Construction Services of Ellicott City,MD.

Pastors Russell and Royes cast vision for our church as we made plans to move into our present home at 100 S. Rock Glen Road. We had our opening day weekend celebration on July 25-27th. We also celebrated during Christmas with our 9th annual Cantata by the Miracle Temple Sanctuary Choir.

Pastors Russell and Royes cast vision stating that we should be on TV by fall of 2005. We welcomed our first female pastoral staff member, Paula Fils-Aime. We exprienced explosive growth, where on any given Sabbath over 700 people worship with us. We also gave over 600k in tithe, in 1994 we gave 50k in tithe.

We also hosted the worldwide satellite event Net 2004 in October featuring Pastor Walter L. Pearson, Jr.

The vision birthed through Pastor Russell as given by the Holy Spirit came to life in the form of the First Annual Innovative Impact Pastor's Leadership Conference, www.innovativeimpact.org.  Pastors from all over the world converged on the MT campus and spent intensive time praying together and learning to grow their local ministries.