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Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty seeks to educate about religious freedoms. A special emphasis is placed on protecting individual rights regarding the two great God-given institutions which extend from creation: the family and the Sabbath.

Director:  William Sublett

Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Believe, Freedom to Know, Freedom to Live a life that is pleasing to your God and mine is what Religious Liberty is all about.  A sense for right and wrong and an awareness of religious liberty are traits built-in every person created by God, as the Word of God clearly states in Genesis 1:26, 27 and Psalm 8:4-9.  Religious Liberty is defined as the right of the individual to determine his/her own relationship to any religious ideology, principle, or requirement and the right to hold and practice that belief freely. 

Religious Liberty is important because:

  • It helps us maintain human dignity – there is a de-humanizing effect when our inalienable right to religious liberty is curtailed or removed altogether
  • By promoting God’s values and ideals we become effective witnesses for the spiritual truths that are the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Knowing that at the heart of Religious Liberty, is the Great Controversy – an intense battle ground where the war is waged for true worship or false worship
As a congregation of determined religious liberty leaders, we are required too:
  • Stay current on the issues and aware of the happenings around us that impact our religious freedom. 
  • Defend our freedom to have or not have, a personal religious belief, and to uphold the principle of the free exercise of religion. 
  • Encourage the concept of separation of church and state. Last month I had the opportunity to join other Adventist from around the State and country as we met with our congressional representatives to discuss their position on laws that would either limit or help maintain our religious freedom

Most of all, we are simply called to be witnesses, knowing that as we approach these last days, our Religious Liberty will be taken from us. But until then, let us continue to develop our personal relationship with our God through reading, studying, hearing, understanding and applying his word to our daily lives.

Please consider how our talents can be used to support Miracle’s Religious Liberty ministry in service to the God we love, worship and admire.

Workplace Religious Freedom Act      

Workplace Religious Freedom Act Bill